Want to buy your first gun? Awesome! Buying your first gun is kind of like buying a dog or car, there are a several things you might not know about that will greatly help you take care of your new baby.

Between keeping the gun healthy, seeking out safety, or optimizing your new gun for its intended use we will review some key points in making sure you are aware of some lesser known necessities.

Gun Cleaning Kit

First and foremost all gun owners need a gun cleaning kit.

Gun cleaning kits contain a few basic things; gun solvent, gun oil, and tools to help you get around the tight corners of a firearm.

Gun solvent is your cleaning material, the dish detergent you put in a dish washing machine. Using gun solvent will help you remove debris from the weapons crevices without damaging the metals that the gun is made of.

Once you have cleaned the gun you should follow up with wiping the gun down with gun oil to keep the metals in the best condition possible and to prevent rust. Luckily enough guns are so popular that pre assembled gun cleaning kits are so easy to obtain that you almost have to go out of your way to purchase the items you need individually.

Amazon has some great deals on gun cleaning kits and we recommend you get one when you buy your first gun.

Safety Equipment

Another thing you will definitely want to get is safety equipment. Personal protective equipment will help you use your gun without injuring yourself or others.

Shooting glasses are recommended to keep your eyes clear of shells, debris or the scary but rare backfiring of a gun. Any glasses will work, but be sure to use something that fits comfortably to your face. These glasses from Amazon are highly recommended and provide both fantastic field of vision and comfort.

One of the most startling thing for any new gun owner is the level of loudness a gun produces when firing at the range. Most of the time if you see someone at a gun range with no hearing protection you can bet either they are already mostly deaf or they are learning a hard lesson as a new gun owner.

The good news about ear protection is there are several different options and styles so you can find what you like best.

If you plan on being mobile while firing your weapon you might be best off with ear plugs that fit into your ear such as wax balls or foam ear plugs.

If you are going to be standing around at a range you may want to get yourself some noise canceling ear muffs. Either way, the most important thing is that you find what fits your personal style best.

Shooting Permit

Another less obvious thing you may want to keep in mind is that most states require a shooting permit to use public firing ranges. You don’t want to get out to the range and fined for not following your states’ rules.

Many states will allow a hunting license as a permit at a public firing range but be sure to check either the internet or call your local fish and game commission get the details so you don’t get robbed by a fine.

Hobby accessories

What is it you want to use your weapon for? If you will be hunting will you want a scope or shoulder sling? Hunting with a scope will help you get kills quickly so the animal is not suffering.
Here are some great gun optics on Amazon.

A shoulder sling will keep you from getting exhausted from carrying a heavy gun around all day and can provide excellent comfort while on the hunt. Most guns that are heavier come with shoulder slings but if you don’t have one, I recommend doing some research to find ones that will fit your need best.

Home Defense/CCW

Will the gun be for home defense or concealed carry? Modern technology has provided us with fantastic solutions to using a firearm for home defense.

Home defense rounds are specially designed gun rounds which pack the same punch but don’t have the penetration power that can endanger people in other rooms of the house or even neighbors. Pick these up at your local firearms dealer or ammo shop.

Carrying a weapon is best done with a holster. This is a highly controversial topic, the situations you think you might find yourself in versus ease of use tend to be the driving factors when picking a holster. Picking a holster is like trying on a shoe, you will probably try a few on before finding the right one.

Leg, in waistband, shoulder, and belt holsters seem to dominate the industry. Again, consider the use and what will fit you best.  For the quickest draw, most gun owners want something close to the waist.

Gun Safe

Once you get your gun home don’t be surprised that your natural instinct tells you to lock it up in a gun safe. Thankfully you have options other than the 10,000 lb, 7 foot tall, fingerprint scanning, walk in gun vault. Here’s a great option for one to store in your bedroom, or a larger one to keep in your basement or wall.

Always remember as a new gun owner that you want to make child safety a priority and keep in mind you have a valuable but deadly weapon in your possession, responsibility is key!


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