About Us

There’s no place like home.

Home invokes a sense of peace and belonging. Here at CaveArmor, we want to encourage that sense of peace by showing you how to protect your humble abode.

We are focused on products that can protect you, your valuables and your home. Whether at the house or out for a trip, you should feel a sense of security knowing your property is protected.

Who We Are

I started CaveArmor because I wanted a sense of security in my apartment. After googling how I could best protect some old photos from my grandma, I purchased my first safe. It gave me a sense of peace knowing that if something happened to my apartment, her gifts she passed down to me would be protected. After that, I craved the ability to protect the rest of my small home. The feeling drove me to create this site.

We all want the same things. To keep our families safe, to keep our valuables and memorabilia safe. And once they’re protected, to forget about the stress of the ‘what ifs’.

At CaveArmor, we do our best to share valuable information and tips on how to get that sense of peace. I hope you will gain some knowledge you didn’t have before. And leave this site with the wisdom to take your first steps to total peace in your home.