A New Gun Owners Guide During COVID-19

Industry spikes are being noted across the globe as the rise of COVID-19 cases continues to shoot an upward curve. Among the many different plausible spikes comes one that might shock the general public: gun ownership. Gun ownership has spiked since the inception of the coronavirus, a curve that has seen spikes hit record highs within the United States and Canada. A majority of first-time owners are citing self-defense as the reason for purchase. With first-time ownership, there are a few markers and conditions to be aware of. Below are a few tips and pointers that are shed to first-time gun owners during the coronavirus pandemic.

Safety Courses and Information

With the deviation between essential and non-essential businesses, gun shops fall under the essential category. Keeping this industry as an essential business has kept gun ranges and gun shops open for business. Due to these regions of the gun industry remaining open for business, first-time owners can receive the safety courses and information designated for legal ownership. The first step to ownership is gaining license and exploring safety classes. The license and safety classes can be taken via online portals, removing the need for in-person contact. Most states support the notion of these classes and recommendations, solidifying these efforts of approval across the majority of the nation.

Safety briefings help to explore all aspects of a firearm. The importance of enrolling within a course can site-specific safety evaluations for specific guns. Handguns and long rifles hold different mechanisms, firing power and tendencies, and require gun-specific informational sets. Exploring these courses is a great way to familiarize yourself with the tendencies and actions of your firearm. By locating all of the parts and portions of your firearm, you can learn the process of handling, firing, and safe storage.

Keeping your Firearm Safe

Most safety deposit boxes and gun safes will hold a firearm in prime conditioning. There are a few specific options that will keep the treatment of your rifle or handgun in pristine condition. Safety boxes are often treated to specific material coatings, allowing the interior of your safe to breathe and prevent your gun from tarnishing or rusting. Many retailers will often carry cases that can be used for proper storage. Investing research in online sources like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, or Amazon will support a host of different case options for your firearm. The range in price relates to quality and holding capacity. If the budget is of concern, a safety deposit box or a gun safe can serve as the proper holding area for your firearm.

Treating your firearm is the second form of investing in the safety of your gun. There are certain sprays and coatings that can be used to hold the surface of your gun. This will prevent wear and build-up of grime or rust. These coating treatments will ensure the long life of your gun. Other treatment tendencies work to keep all of the gears of the gun in-motion. Lubricants and gels can be applied to external and internal components to service their tendencies of operation. Maintaining your gun and taking it apart to apply lubricants ensures that it will operate effectively in a time of usage.

The Social Distancing Aspect

Firing ranges and gun clubs are allowed to continue to perform operations as they see fit. Most of these companies that fit under this form of the industry are creating measures to ensure that they abide by social distancing policies. When at the range, ensure there is enough space between you and the other shooters. Ranges are often blocked by spaces. Most of these spaces are about 10 feet wide, so the distancing portion is often covered for you. Limiting contact between you and the other handlers is good practice for keeping your immune system from the potential threats. Be sure to always carry the proper protection (ear muffles, goggles, gloves, etc.) when you are adhering to range standards.

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Jack says August 13, 2020

Hey Abby,
2 years ago I purchased a car gun safe(SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe) for around 105-110 bucks. Now in COVID 19 period my financial condition has fallen down. So I want to sell it now. Can you suggest to me what price should I sell it and which is the best place where I can sell it?

Thank you!

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