Carrying your firearm in a concealed manner has become more and more of a staple in the US and around the world. With the rate of crime currently climbing, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are looking to carry their weapons along with them.

We have set out to look at the top 10 US states for concealed carry of a firearm. To judge these states, we had to look at a few important aspects like the permits. Many states have an unrestricted stance to carrying concealed firearms, while many other states just blatantly ban the carry of concealed firearms if you do not have the necessary permit.

The training time to get these permits also play a vital role and the application fee for getting your permit will also encourage or discourage some people to legally carry along their concealed firearm. We do recommend staying on the right side of the law and carrying the firearm with a permit if the state requires you to do so.

That being said, let’s look at the top 10 states for concealed firearm carry:

Top 10 states for concealed firearm carry

10. Montana

Montana is one of the first states on our list and they get high points when it comes to reciprocity and Castle Doctrine. The state does, however, still have many places where concealed carry of a firearm is still banned and this includes large public events and public safety areas like banks and financial institutions, but if you like to carry along a concealed firearm, Montana will be one of the best places to do so.

9. Florida

Since 1987, Florida has been known as one of the easiest states to get permitted when it comes to concealed carry of your firearm. Florida issues out permits to residents and non-residents and this has made it one of the top states to carry a concealed firearm. Florida does still have multiple “gun free” zones that will put off some gun owners.

8. New Hampshire

While open carry is already allowed in the state, the state does still require you to apply for a permit when it comes to carrying a firearm. In 2015, the Governor vetoed a bill against permitless carry, but one thing that New Hampshire certainly has going for it; is the lower fees when it comes to applying for your permit.

7. Indiana

With its lower crime rate, Indiana is one of the top states for getting a gun permit. The permits are extremely cheap and they will allow you to carry along the firearm with you. Indiana has good reciprocity going for the state as their permits are recognized in over 30 different states.

6. Vermont

Carrying a concealed firearm in Vermont is actually quite easy and as long as you are not a prohibited possessor like a felon, you can freely carry your firearm as you please.

5. Wyoming

Wyoming has one of the more perfect systems when it comes to carrying firearms. In the state, you will be able to carry a firearm with or without a permit, but once you plan on traveling outside of the state, you will be able to get a permit that is accepted in more than 30 other states.

4. Alaska

Similar to Wyoming, Alaska also allows gun owners to carry a concealed firearm without a permit. The state does offer permits if you plan on traveling or going out of the state. Alaska only beats out Wyoming as it has a shorter list of prohibited locations.

3. Utah

While Utah does not allow you to carry a concealed firearm without a permit, the state does accept permits from all the other states and it is also extremely cheap to apply for your gun permit in the state. There are a few locations considered to be secure and you will not be able to carry your concealed weapon there, but mostly you will be fine if you have a permit.

2. Kansas

While Kansas might not issue non-resident permits, the state still allows people to carry their firearms concealed without a permit. In terms of reciprocity, the state is one of the top in the US and in 4 decades the state managed to go from strict permits to allowing permitless carry.

1. Arizona

Arizona is definitely one of the tops if not the top states in terms of carrying a concealed firearm. The prices and fees for permits are reasonable and definitely affordable and the areas which do not allow this is really limited. The only problem with Arizona permits is that they are not always recognized by the other states.

Final Thoughts:

Carrying a concealed firearm remains a huge responsibility whether you need a permit or not. We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you have found the information useful. Please let us know in the comment section if you think we might have missed any other states in the top 10.

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Jason says June 1, 2017

I’m not sure how Missouri is not on this list . I can literally carry a firearm on my hip open or concealed without any paperwork or permit or licence whatsoever . I can buy any firearm I like and walk out with it 20 minutes later . The police always thank me for telling them I have a gun in my vehicle if I get stopped for a driving infraction and NEVER harass me over it or even ask why I need it on me or in my car . I can even sell a firearm to someone without an ffl if it’s from my private collection to anyone I choose as far as I know . There are so many great things about Missouri and it’s extremely lax(in a good way)gun laws that I can’t see how it’s not right behind Arizona and way better than most of the states on this list in not only conceal carry but overall 2nd amendment rights . If there are any restrictions here , I’ve never experienced them except before the no permit law came into affect back in September or October of 2016 but even then it was simple as could be but now I think we have as good of gun rights as anyone in this union . Please enlighten me and tell me where I’m wrong because I don’t think I am .

La Cucaracha says June 23, 2017

Sure need them guns to stop those property owners protecting their Arizona families so criminals and mentally ill, (including Arpio) from controlling everyone’s lives thru drugs and a no-tax cash economy. I really like Mexico in the 90’s even.

Peet says June 24, 2017

you forgot iowa…a whole list of new laws for 2017

John says November 26, 2017

Maine should be ahead of, or tied for all these states. We allow open or concealed carry, with or without a permit, for both residents and non residents. We’re better than our neighbor in NH who turned down a similar referendum.
How can any state be better than that?

Pippin says March 10, 2018

These are some great states, to be sure, but Kentucky wins. Here is why. In Kentucky, it is not a concealed firearms license. It is a concealed deadly weapons license. Once you have the permit, you can carry a handgun, to be sure, but you could also choose a large bowie knife or stiletto or throwing stars or whatever you deem necessary.

Daniel says December 12, 2018

WV should be on the list of best 2A States….we have open or conceal WITHOUT any government permission slips… We take the Second Amendment serious

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