10 Must-haves for Hunting Adventures

Guest Post by Brian Morgan

Rifle hunting or bow hunting for sports or as a profession requires a lot of preparation. Therefore knowing the top 10 must-haves for hunting adventures can help ensure a successful hunting session.

And here are some of the tools you need for hunting.


What’s the use going hunting if you would not carry your weapon for the kill? The weapon is about one of the most important must-haves for hunting adventures. Depending on your training/skill, I expect you should have appropriate hunting weapons. For bowhunters, you must have your bow, arrows, arrowheads, etc. For rifle hunters, you should, of course, have your firearms, riflescope, etc.

Ensure to purchase, fix or service your weapons plus get of necessary supplies beforehand. Also, always work with weapons that you have tried or trained with. You can only be as effective as the quality of the weapons you purchase. So, invest wisely in quality weaponry for hunting.


Your backpack is as vital as your weapons when on a hunting trip. You need to be certain you got all the supplies of drinks, water, food, meat, toiletries and more to last the number of days you intend staying. It is also advisable to carry a little more for some extra days in case you exceed your expected time. Falling short of supplies would definitely lead to an abrupt end to your hunting experience. Don’t forget to include other hunting materials such as the bow hanger, safety harness, antlers, cape, etc.

Boots (scent-free)

Your boot is an essential part of the hunting trip and purchasing quality boots will speak for you in the long run. Any hurt to your feet during hunting will go a long way to affect your hunting escape. High-quality boots don’t come cheap but are worth the extra investment. Climbing mountains, going through rough terrain will have its toll on a poor boot faster. Some brands of hunting boots standout for me and they include; Lowa Tibets, La Sportiva, Kennetreks, etc.

Also, go for scent-free boots that leaves little or no signs or imprint. Animals can pick your smell from afar due to wind or smell tracks to detect your presence.


Yes, a stove! You might need to warm up something to eat for the night. Most hunting trip can last for a couple of days to weeks. It is in your best interest to have a stove since the chances as that you won’t carry enough sausages or sandwich for the trip. A compressed gas stove like the jetboil stove, Primus multi-fuel stove, etc. could do the trick. The stove is compact and comes with a fuel canister to fit into a pack. Primus also allows you to utilize gasoline, diesel or kerosene in case the need arises.

Scent or body odor concealer

Just like the scent-free boot you also need good quality scent killers to neutralize body odor. Make sure to wash your hunting clothes and items before commencement using scent killing detergent to remove body scent. For other items that cannot be washed or dipped into water such as your rifle, decoys, other weapons and hunting gear spray with scent killer. Also, make use of scent concealing bags to pack supplies.

Clothing/Rain Gear/camouflage

You would need different types of clothing for different weather conditions during the day and night. During rainy situations, the PVC type gear such as the Helly Hansen Impertec would do just fine. At other time you can go with breathable fabrics made from the light fabric during hot weather conditions.

Besides clothing, you also need to acquire camouflage clothing to help increase your invisibility. Camo clothing helps you sneak in on the prey unnoticed. You easily blend with your environment with camo clothing and remain hidden for the kill. Some people even use camo skins for their weapons and scopes.
Also, consider that your camouflage clothing needs to be comfortable for long hours. A warm camo clothing would be appropriate for late falls. And a breathable and thinner fabric would be more appropriate for the summer season.

Glassing Optics/ Trail Cameras

You can enjoy more successful hunting sessions with a trail camera or glassing optics. With these hunting tools, you can tell from afar whether or not an animal is worth the chase even from 4 to 5 miles away. A good rangefinder and binoculars make your hunting experience a more pleasurable one.

With a trail camera, you can get a real live feed of your prey without risking them noticing. You can position trail cameras along the paths of interest and observe the animal’s movement and patterns. Good knowledge about the animals’ activities will make for a successful kill.

Hunting chair, blinds, and stands

Just because you are out hunting doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little comfort. So get an adjustable or swiveling hunting chair for a comfortable experience for long hours. A good hunting chair works for open field dove hunting, ground blinds, and box blinds. Some swiveling chairs allow as much as 180 degrees swiveling movement. Also, they possess self-leveling feet and adjustable legs to any height without making noise.

For tree stands and ground blinds, you can stay away from been seen. You can also enjoy some level of comfort and still remain prepared to take an aim anytime. You could choose the old-fashioned or traditional way of building locally or purchasing one.

Pocket Knife

Having a knife on hunting escapades is a must. Knives come in handy for so many purposes such as digging holes, cutting tree branches or even skinning your catch. A good old pocket knife should be good enough. But you can carry more weight then you could have two or three different knives for specific tasks. Always remember to settle for lightweight, razor-sharp and replaceable blades for knives. Also with a bright colored handle such as orange are helpful for visibility at night and in case you misplace them.

First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit is a must anytime you go camping, hunting and more. Don’t forget the rest of the world is far away from you. And you might find yourself or team members in need of medical assistance. Equip a first aid box and have a clear understanding of what to do in any medical emergency situation. Things to consider having in your first aid box include hand sanitizer, painkillers, duct tape, water treatment drops, varied bandages, methylated spirit, medication for indigestion, etc. Just ensure you have what you and other members of your team need, considering their health status.

The list of 10 must-haves for hunting adventures covered above only touches some and not all of the vital tools. To have a very successful hunting session you need to think about all that you need for a short trip. But always try to travel as light as possible.


Brian Morgan works as a data analyst in a private farm. He is a hobby hunter who loves everything about hunting. Writing about hunting gears and experiences is one of the many things he does during his spare time.

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I love your content and the lessons you share with your readers. Every time I read a post, I feel like I’m able to take a single, clear lesson away from it, which is why I think it’s so great.

Lee Randall says January 27, 2020

A great post Brian, I agree that trail cameras are a “must have” hunting tool for staking prey. Many of the premium cameras come with a multitude of accessories and enable you to hunt at night without the animal being alerted.

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