Self Defense Tips for Women Living Alone

I remember being out on my own for the first time. 7 years ago I moved far away from my family to start a life by myself.

Needless to say, I realized quickly how important it was to keep myself safe. It didn’t take long before I was getting myself some pepper spray and keeping it by my bed, just in case.Continue reading

Shooting While Pregnant: 2 Biggest Dangers to the Baby

Preparing yourself for a crisis situation is good practice, both for women in law enforcement and for the average civilian. Whether you work with firearms or not, pregnant women want the ability to protect that which is most important to them.Continue reading

2016 Best and Worst States For Gun Lovers

Potential gun law changes have been flooding the news and social media headlines for quite some time now. The issue fades into the background every so often and re-emerges when the media explodes with news about the latest attack taking place in the country.Continue reading

9 Crucial Questions to Ask When Buying A Gun Safe

You’re in the market for a gun safe. But have you really considered everything before buying?  Ask yourself these nine questions before spending your hard-earned money on this investment.

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The 8 Crucial Steps to Follow to Survive a Mass Shooting

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Into the Wild: How to Stay Safe During Your Outdoor Adventures

You may think that being an experienced hiker, camper, hunter or with years of experience in another wilderness related activity, but the truth is that situations which require you to demonstrate proper survival skills when you are outdoors can happen to just about anybody – young or old, experienced or newbie.Continue reading

DEWALT Camo Heated Jacket Kit: My Experience

Growing up in a small country town meant that I was able to go hunting with my uncle most weekends. We only hunted small game like rabbits and ducks.Continue reading

7 Crucial Tips for Dealing with an Intruder

Ignorance of safety is what many people are guilty of. They have heard news channels reporting stories of home invasions and watched movies about serial killers sneaking in houses and murdering innocent lives. Those stories and movies may sound scary when you are listening to them. But how many people actually think a home invasion could actually happen to them?

When you are surrounded by the walls of your seemingly safe house and love of your family members, the thought of a home invasion may not present in your mind. But what would you do if there was an intruder lurking outside your safe wall or creeping in your house, looking to rob you and harm your family? It is always a good idea to know how to survive a home invasion than hoping it will never happen to you. Below are some tips that can save you and the people you love. Make a thoughtful plan by following these tips and you will be ready in case of a home invasion.

1. Stay calm and be quiet

Panicking is not what you need when there is an intruder in your house. Psychologically, intruders expect their victims to not know their presence in the house. By alerting them, providing that they decide to stay to commit crimes, they will seek you out. Do not try to confront intruders if you can avoid it because you do not know what they have. Let the police take care of them.

2. Grab a weapon

It is a good practice to always keep a weapon near you while you are sleeping. The important thing is your weapon must be something you know how to use. There is no point in keeping a scary Katana under your bed if you have no clue how to handle it. Make sure your weapon is at a place you can grasp in a second after you have suspected there is an intruder in your property.

3. Hide in a safe place

Before you consider calling the police, you need to be in a safe place because a conversation with the police does not take only a few seconds. Of course, you don’t want the intruder to catch you calling the police. But, what is a safe place? A safe place is a location that is both defensive and advantageous to you. If you have children, the safe place should be in one of their bedrooms.

4. Contact the police

make sure you provide as much information to the police as you can. They will want to know your location in the house. Therefore, it is best to give them as much details about your house and situation as possible.

5. Escape your house if possible

If you are on the first floor of your house, escape through a window. However, you need to listen carefully to the surroundings on the outside to make sure there is not another intruder lurking outside your property.

6. If you cannot escape your house, barricade your hiding place

Make sure the bedroom door is securely locked and barricade it with heavy objects. Do not stand in front of the door. If the intruder kicks it in, you will get hit in the face. Instead, stand on the side of the door hinges so that the intruder cannot see you after he has opened the door. This gives you the surprise advantage and you can attack him from behind.

7. What to do when you are confronted in a disadvantage position?

If you are on the phone with the police when the intruder catches you, do not hang up. Drop the phone from a height that would make a loud hit on the floor but don’t make it look like you drop your phone intentionally. The 911 operator will know you are in a more dangerous situation and alert the police. Always consider your life and your loved ones first. Give the intruder what he wants. Drop your weapon to show him that you are no longer a threat to him.

Avoid staring in his eyes because that is the sign you are ready for combat. Put your hands up and tell your loved ones to do the same. However, be prepared to defend yourself if need be.

Alex Briggs is a contributing writer and media specialist for Galco Gunleather. He regularly produces content for a variety of gun and personal safety blogs.

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