9 Crucial Questions to Ask When Buying A Gun Safe

You’re in the market for a gun safe. But have you really considered everything before buying?  Ask yourself these nine questions before spending your hard-earned money on this investment.

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How to Create a Family Safety Plan and Prepare for Emergencies

The current coronavirus pandemic is the perfect opportunity to create a family safety plan for times of crisis. Your family may not always be together when disaster strikes, so it’s important to plan ahead so everyone knows exactly what to do to stay safe. Being prepared for an emergency such as an epidemic, quarantine, housefire, or natural disaster might just save a life. There are several things you can do, big and small, to set your family up for an efficient and effective emergency response. Here are some tips to get you started.

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Effective Range Of The 30-06 Springfield

The year was 1964 and the Winchester Firearms Company was closing out the old Winchester Model 70 at the time. Bad move, but it was what it was. 

With about $90 and change in my pocket, I drove my old 41 Ford coupe to a local Target store in town, walked up to the gun counter, and soon became the proud owner of a great looking Model 70 Featherweight Winchester rifle chambered with the best round going of the day, the 30-06 Springfield cartridge.

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5 Tips To Find Best Scope For Elk Hunting

Guest Post by Jenni Beckar

Elk hunting has always been a very popular hobby for many. It is not complicated by itself but has a lot of intricate mechanics and issues to keep one interested for a long time and provide a reasonable challenge. Now, one of the most important factors in elk hunting or hunting in general is having a proper rifle equipped with a proper scope.

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Concealed Carry Guide Based on Real-Life Lessons Learned

Guest Post by Josh Montgomery

I was reading my Twitter newsfeed last night when news of some real estate agent successfully defending herself from a possible robbery and homicide caught my eye. She was showing a rental property to the attacker who conducted himself in a real appropriate way – like he’s a renter whose lease will be up soon and doesn’t want to renew it, which is why he’s searching for a new home to move into. 

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Best Conceal Carry Holsters for Glock 23: Top 5

Want to start carrying your Glock 23 around?  

Even though the Glock 23 is not the most common firearm carried around by civilians, it is still one of the most deadly. Many people consider sticking with the Glock 19 9mm and this is due to its ability to carry 15 rounds, while the Glock 23 only has the capacity to carry around 13 rounds in the magazine. However, they both use the same holsters and these holsters are designed to help them fit snug and comfortable, with the ability to withdraw them at the drop of a dime. 

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Top Glock 19 Holsters for Concealed Carry Review – 2019

Every holster company and their mother sells a Glock 19 holster.

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7 Awesome Small Of Back Holster Reviews: Pros & Cons

Interested in carrying your favorite small pistol but aren’t sure where or how you want to carry?

Well, today I’ll be digging into the world of small of back holsters. These holsters rest normally at 6 o’clock on your body. They’re positioned near your waist for easy access.Continue reading

Stack-On 10 Gun Safe Review: Combination and Electronic Locks

Looking for that first affordable gun safe can be tough.

Many websites have differing opinions.  Some say you need to spend thousands before getting a decent gun safe. Others are simply marketing every gun safe on the market and telling you they’re all great.  

But who is it great for?

This is the question only you can answer.  Whether or not a Stack-On gun safe is right for you.  Continue reading

Fort Knox Gun Safe Reviews: Top 2 Best Handgun Safes

Want to store your handguns safely? Check.

Seeing hundreds of results for gun safes? Check.

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Hunting Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe Before, During and After Your Hunt

Generally speaking, hunting is a surprisingly safe sport, with some data even suggesting that it’s safer than golf, volleyball, snowboarding and tackle football. With that being said, the statistics are no accident, so to speak—hunting is relatively low-risk because most of its participants take the notion of safety very seriously. Wielding a firearm of any sort comes with enormous responsibility. If you intend to load a gun, aim it and pull the trigger, you must be well-versed on firearm safety, no exceptions.

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